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Cresco Multi Academy Trust

Members and Trustees

Name and Date of Appointment Committees Attended Other Responsibilities Pecuniary and Personal Interest 2020-2021
David Coleman 01-09-2017 Finance and Audit


Chair of the Board

Damian Pye 01-09-2017 Finance and Audit CEO

Headteacher and Governor at Great Berry

Co-chair of governors Sunnymede Infant school

Peter McCann 01-09-2017 Finance and Audit  

Local Governor - Great Berry

Director Campion Rugby Football Club Ltd

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Tracy Slater 17-09-2018   HT PMR  
Tom Tong 01-09-2017    

Chair of Local Governors - Great Berry

Company Director Bowmint Ltd

Kevin Jordan 01-09-2017 Finance and Audit   Vice-Chair of Local Governors - Janet Duke
Paul Morgan 01-09-2017 Finance and Audit   Local Governor - Noak Bridge
Vic York 01-09-2017     Local Governor - Great Berry
Nicky Jacobs 01-09-2017    

Local Governor - Janet Duke

Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Jonathan Oddy 21-09-2020     Chair of Local Governors - Janet Duke
Peter Whitchurch 01-09-2020 Chair of Finance and Audit   Chair of Local Governors - Noak Bridge @greatberryps